March 24, 2023

Why would any NBA team want Nets Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving
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Finally, some time way down the street, after amassing hundreds of hundreds of thousands of bucks, Kyrie Irving is going to get his. By that stage nevertheless, it’ll be way much too late in lifestyle to train him that he’s at any time carried out anything completely wrong. When the information broke that Irving demanded a trade from the Brooklyn Nets on Friday, the concern that followed “Can you fucking imagine this guy?” was “Where is he going to finish up?”

There are two responses. The to start with is the Los Angeles Lakers. There is 1 player in the record of the league which is been ready to corral Irving into seasons of effective basketball, and which is LeBron James.

The second is the Shanghai Sharks because even however not all guards can give you 27 with the flair and ball dealing with of Kyrie, there are a good deal of fellas who can rating 25 a night time without having the day-to-day head online games (migraines?).

Does a Kyrie-LeBron sequel = Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook Aspect 2?

Sorry, that subhead is fully troll-some, and I think Durant would somewhat retire than enjoy with Westbrook once more. That explained, there is too a great deal irony in the Lakers-Nets trade situation to dismiss it.

Durant normally chirps about how he just wishes to hoop and disregard the chatter. Irving has never ever been about that in spite of his promises to the contrary. Nevertheless Westbrook will give you each individual ounce of energy that he has even if the energy is finally misplaced, and will convey to the media to go fuck them selves, also.

What I’m thinking is how Los Angeles and Brooklyn get a offer accomplished without shipping and delivery Brodie cross country. And if that happens, which would have to come about in the next week, exactly where does that depart Durant?

When you whittle down the trade associates, only a couple teams make sense (Dallas), or even have the cajones (Clippers and Lakers), to feel they can get two to a few months of drama-absolutely free basketball out of Irving, and never underestimate the Lakers potential to toss all sense of duty into the Pacific when backed into a corner.

The Nets should phone Irving’s bluff, which will conclusion his profession

I very doubt Irving receives moved simply because he executed this need about as inadequately as humanly doable. The Nets are 31-20 and at this time occupy the fourth seed in the East. There’s no rationale for them to make a trade other than the point that they are negotiating with someone who’s willing to wipe out anything for ideals that no 1, not even himself, can define.

Let us be true, at this place we’re all counting down the times until Irving goes total Stephon Marbury and is compelled to complete his occupation in China. He ought to be there previously. Go play in the Big 3, or revive the And 1 Mixtape Tour. Kyrie is significantly a sideshow at this phase of his career, and this is as substantially functionality art as that time Shai LeBeouf strolled the red carpet with a bag on his head.

If you clicked on this wondering if your crew is heading to land Irving, god enable you. Just about every corporation in the NBA, like Brooklyn, would be improved off rattling a wasps nest than allowing Irving inside of 300 feet of the group facility.

Even if I’m improper, and Irving goes to the Lakers and wins an additional title, I’ll hardly ever acknowledge it. And in some fucked up way, I consider which is what Kyrie would prefer.