March 24, 2023

What is a DHO in Basketball? (Dribble Hand Off Explained)


If you are seeing a basketball match on Television, you could hear an analyst chatting about a DHO.

A “DHO” is an abbreviation for “dribble hand off.”

A well-known offensive thought used at all ranges of the game.

But when should really a dribble hand off be applied? And is it basically efficient?

Let us dive into these concerns below:

What is a DHO in Basketball?

The DHO or “dribble hand off” is an offensive tactic that includes one particular player literally handing the basketball off to a teammate.

This motion is helpful for the reason that the participant handing the ball off functions as an rapid screener.

When executing a DHO, there really should be virtually no space between the two gamers.

That way, if the receiver works by using the dribble hand off accurately, it will be hard for the receiver’s defender to preserve fantastic guarding placement as they will have to navigate the display screen.

So in a perception, a DHO is equivalent to a ball screen.

The passer turns into a screener and can roll to the hoop, pop out, or transfer to another location of the floor just like they would in a classic choose-and-roll.


When to Use a Dribble Hand Off

DHOs are generally executed outside of the paint to retain superior offensive spacing.

Groups can use DHOs to:

1. Make motion – Dribble handoffs can make an gain that will assist deliver movement and motion in your offense.

2. Assault downhill – The participant obtaining the ball can convert the corner and attack the hoop, which puts a lot of tension on the assist defenders.

3. Develop mismatches – Just like in a standard pick-and-roll, sometimes teams will swap on DHOs which will generate a mismatch that smart offensive players can exploit.

4. Cost-free a participant from a defender – If you have a participant who is getting deal with-guarded by the opposition, applying a DHO to free of charge them up can be an productive tactic.

Dribble Hand Off Illustrations:

The DHO is exceptionally productive when utilised appropriately.

Listed here are a couple of examples of groups employing the dribble hand off to make open up shots:

And in the movie beneath this, you can see other strategies a DHO can be efficient:

Training the Dribble Hand Off

Very first, it is really essential to take note that there is a good deal of space for error in dribble hand offs.

Right here are a few matters that can go improper:

1. Relocating screens – If the passer arms the ball off and then keeps going into a display screen, an illegal display can be named and outcome in a turnover.

2. Far too a great deal room – If there is much too much area amongst the passer and the participant acquiring the handoff, a defender can get in involving and steal the ball.

3. Undesirable handoffs – The passing participant can toss the ball way too challenging, behind the participant, or make other errant passes which can all lead to turnovers and speedy breaks on the other conclusion.

To ensure the above eventualities don’t happen, DHOs desires to be practiced on a regular basis.

Suggestions for the Passer:

Keep beneath regulate – If the passer does not continue to be less than management, that is when shifting screens and offensive fouls can happen.

Dribble at the defender – The passer really should dribble at the participant he is heading to be ‘screening.’

Make a clean up handoff – A hand off is a quick move (consequently the title hand off), so the passer desires to assure that he’s generating a thoroughly clean handoff to the player acquiring the ball.

Ideas for the Receiver:

Established your gentleman up – Just as gamers established their cuts up in advance of using screens, the player receiving the ball must established his male up, as properly.

Allow negligible room – The player receiving the ball requirements to guarantee that there is pretty much no area amongst he and the passer so the defense can’t get in the center and get a steal.

Read through the defense – As the participant gets the ball, he’ll have to see what the protection is carrying out to know how to attack. Below, we’ll chat about how defenses guard DHOs.

It will choose repetition and follow for players to get good at executing dribble hand offs, and smaller-sided video games are a good way to perform on them.


How to Protect the DHO

Perhaps you landed on this report not to study how to execute a DHO…

But to learn how to protect the action when opposition teams run it in opposition to you.

The way the protection guards a DHO will dictate what advantages the offense gets out of the action, so it really is significant to weigh up the tradeoffs and choose what you want your staff to do.

Here are a handful of alternatives to guard a dribble hand off:

a. Switch

This is commonly the easiest way to guard a dribble hand off.

The gamers guarding the passer and the participant obtaining the ball will switch.

The tradeoff — This solution will make mismatches.


b. Go Less than

The defender guarding the player obtaining the move will go beneath the passer.

This motion is usually applied if the receiver is not viewed as a great deal of a taking pictures menace.

The tradeoff — The receiver will have an open up shot.


c. Go In excess of

The defender guarding the participant receiving the move will go more than the passer.

This action is made use of if the defense is fearful about a player remaining a excellent shooter.

The tradeoff — The receiver will have an open up lane to the hoop.


Dribble Hand Off Counters

Groups that system to run a good deal of DHOs on offense need to have numerous “counters” and variants prepared to continue to keep the defense on their toes.

These counters include things like:

a. Backdoor Reduce

When the defense overplays the receiver and tries to avert the handoff, the receiver can slice backdoor toward the basket and receive the move.


b. Re-Screen

As shortly as the handoff happens, the participant who handed the ball can set an additional ball display so the ball-handler can attack in the reverse course.

The re-display screen is a great counter towards groups who go beneath the DHO.


c. Pretend Handoffs

The participant who is in possession of the ball will dribble at their teammate as usual…

But rather of providing them the ball, they will faux the handoff and immediately assault the hoop.

Often the protection will “cheat” on the play to sluggish down the receiver, so a bogus handoff and speedy attack may well lead to a broad open up travel and score.



The dribble hand off in basketball is a extensively utilised offensive tactic.

When ran effectively, the DHO can be quite powerful as it also functions as a monitor.

If you program to increase them to your offense, make confident to follow from the various approaches to defend a DHO, and also make confident your players comprehend the diverse counters.