March 20, 2023

Virginia JV basketball coach pretends to be 13-year-old student

Image for article titled 21 Jump(shot) Street: Virginia basketball coach suits up, impersonates 13-year-old JV player

Grownup sensibilities never belong in youth sports. Grown men and women just take athletics way as well seriously. Innumerable instances overzealous mothers and fathers, coaches, and spectators have tainted the purity of newbie athletics. An assistant coach on the team of the junior varsity basketball crew in Portsmouth, Virginia just lately attempted to pull off a dumb 21 Soar Avenue con. The original 21 Leap Street lasted 5 seasons. Churchland’s version lasted all of one day. Still left questioning how to reconfigure the allocation of minutes following a 13-yr-previous hooper for the Churchland H.S. Truckers junior varsity basketball group skipped a matchup from Nasemond River to attend an out-of-city basketball event for her club group, assistant mentor Arlisha Boykins noticed it as her chance to turn out to be the initial player-coach in superior university basketball.


In accordance to WAVY-Television set, Boykins stepped in for the recreation against girls aged 13-15 by symbolizing herself as the absent teenage female. Nevertheless, the ladies player who was impersonated was aware of Boykins’ stunt and designs to transfer to one more faculty.

Online video of the activity exhibits Boykins doggin’ out her pre-teen opponents, exhibiting an innovative talent established towards whippersnappers, swatting their shots into oblivion, draining stepbacks in their grills, snagging boards, and setting up her spotlight reel. On the George Santos Fabulists Scale, an assistant coach impersonating a JV participant just to provide ‘em on the ground is about a 7 on a scale of a single by way of 10 in terms of bizarreness.

What was the place?

There is an intensive, sordid background of older people who just cannot allow go of their hoop desires, returning to significant university so they can contend versus youngsters, but most of their plots are a minimal a lot more sophisticated. What was the endgame? Get the JV title she in no way won as an underclassman?

There was no need to have to run a sting operation to catch Boykins in the act. Not only was Boykins an assistant coach, but this was the JV group! She couldn’t even make varsity in her 20s. Did a 23-calendar year-outdated girl pretending to be a substantial school freshman actually feel dad and mom or workforce of the college would not observe or that if her harebrained plan labored out that gamers wouldn’t gossip? If this have been an episode of 21 Leap Street, it would have been more than in 50 % an hour.

“Coaches usually preach to the youngsters about integrity and these sorts of points, so I was just shocked,” the father of the 13-calendar year-previous explained.

This absurd development would not have even been achievable without the need of the express acceptance of Churchland’s head mentor. What other existence classes were being these coaches imparting to their youthful gamers? How to get away with identity fraud?

The unanswered issues left listed here are endless. A person point we do know is Churchland immediately cleaned dwelling. The junior varsity coach who accepted of Boykins’ deception and the varsity head mentor who allegedly “encouraged [Boykins’] behavior” ended up each dismissed by the school. Boykins’ weird shift should be the conclusion of her coaching occupation right before it at any time actually commenced, but there are even worse figures who’ve returned from exile. Sadly for the women who ended up coerced into collaborating in Boykins’ scheme, their year was also canceled posthaste amid the scandal.

In the end, it is the youngsters who are usually harmed by the sins of the purportedly liable grownups.