June 7, 2023

Turning a player into an assistant coach

Here’s an attention-grabbing dilemma from a Facebook team for head coaches doing the job with new assistants.

For all those of you who get an assistant coach who possibly understands how to perform volleyball, but doesn’t have an understanding of the intricacies of how to coach it, what do you do to assistance THEM learn how to mentor. How do you benefit from them?

The poster went on to insert, “He doesn’t know the lingo, the specific drills we operate, etcetera.” to offer further context. So clearly it is not anyone who played for this unique mentor. That suggests there is a ton to learn in conditions of details on top rated of far more standard ideas. Allow me share how I’d approach matters.

Basic anticipations

This goes for all assistants, not just all those with out a coaching track record. Start by laying out the expectations and how you do items. Be pretty uncomplicated about this. Solution any and all questions you can. You will not cover every attainable matter that could arrive up, of study course, but make sure you hit all all the major things. Believe of it as a reference stage for the “Remember when I said…” conversations that may possibly have to come about down the line.

Clarify your prepare ahead of practice

A excellent way to get a person qualified up as an assistant is to walk them by the strategy for your follow. This is in which they can study terminology, the drills you use, and so on. Explain why you’re doing issues and their job in every single exercise. Really do not be expecting them to retain it all right absent, although. Just like with the players, it can take a new assistant likely by a drill or a video game to really comprehend how it operates and what they’re meant to do.

Continue to keep their emphasis narrow

About time you are going to determine out the very best techniques to make use of an assistant centered on their strengths, pursuits, and so on. In the early levels as they are understanding, although, make sure you focus them rather narrowly. That offers them the opportunity to get things ideal while also using in the even bigger picture.

Motivate concerns

Make it a rule that if there is any doubt at all, they need to ask you. The very last thing you want is to have to halt them performing a little something simply because they didn’t have an understanding of and are executing it improperly. That signifies you have to be open to concerns. Obviously, there are instances when thoughts are a distraction you don’t want. Make confident they know when those people times are, but otherwise be open up to them.

Heaps of feed-back

Just like you want to give your players responses as part of their enhancement, make guaranteed you do that with your new assistant. This is in all probability not some thing you want to do in entrance of the group (certainly not if it’s adverse!), so do it absent from them. Inform them the points you want them to retain carrying out, and inform them the things you want them not to do anymore. In the latter circumstance, make sure to inform them what you want rather.

Use debriefs

A fantastic time to give responses and to remedy concerns is in a debrief session soon after practice or a match. Getting observed how items went, they’re in a far better place to far better comprehend and know what queries to request. You can also use the time to communicate about what you see for the next session. That way they can get a improved feeling of your considering and your viewpoint on matters.

Give them sources

If there’s anything at all precise you want them to study, point them towards resources so they can do some research. There are loads of article content, guides, and films you can share. You may possibly even now have things you give to the group masking things like serve get styles by rotation, defensive techniques, and established phone calls to get them likely on those people topics.

Be individual

The very last point I would say is to be patient in their learning process. You cannot assume them to get almost everything suitable absent. And you undoubtedly just cannot expect them to know what you’re thinking or how you want factors finished if you do not make clear it. They are there to support you, and by extension your group. Continue to keep them motivated to proceed discovering. Perform to their strengths, and as they display competency, expand their part.