March 24, 2023

Tiger Woods slips Justin Thomas a tampon after 9th hole

Tiger Woods hands Justin Thomas a tampon

Tiger Woods hands Justin Thomas a tampon
Image: Getty Photographs

If Tiger Woods believed the “joke” he built right after teeing off on the ninth gap at Riviera Country Club on Thursday was acceptable, he would not have been so sly about it. Golf lovers desired a telephoto lens to capture it, but after they figured out, it was extensively shared, celebrated, or disparaged, and then defended. My lean is that it was a crude way of calling somebody “Nancy” or asking them where their blouse is, and I assumed we knew the distinction concerning what is — and isn’t — appropriate in 2023.

Tiger Woods hands Justin Thomas a tampon

Tiger Woods palms Justin Thomas a tampon
Image: Getty Photos

Think about the reaction if Phil Mickelson did this in the course of a LIV Tour quit. It’d be panned, and Twitter would lament the Saudi upstart as a new previous boys club. (Which it is, but you understood that.) And the fact that this would be much more suited for the CW’s new viewers states anything you need to know about its tastefulness.

But because persons adore Woods and consider he’s the GOAT, this is Michael Jordan-amount shit-conversing. “Oh, what a legend. Goat emoji, laughing emoji, blah, blah, blah.” These insults have only been considered cancelable in new decades, so if you did not get pleasure from them, you’re delicate.

Prop comedy is hacky

I never get pleasure from it simply because, 1st, misogyny is offensive, and next, it is lazy comedy. Even even worse, it was prop comedy. Tiger brought a tampon to the class, and walked around with it in his pocket for eight-moreover holes, so he could slip it to Justin Thomas on the lower. I know JT and Tiger are buddies, but my god, Justin, you’re just likely to enable him disrespect you like that?

If your buddy did that to you, it’d be super corny and forced, like items at bachelor/bachelorette parties. A penis? Cool. Many thanks, guys. (And by the way, what is Woods’ sense of humor if not corny and pressured? He is a golfer following all.)

Now each guy who tees it up between the ages of 28 and 72 is likely to have a bag comprehensive of pads to dole out just after each and every par 5. Eliminate me now. And I never care if Paige Spiranac OK’d it. The only men and women who benefit her impression feel Tiger’s antics ended up hysterical.

So, yeah, I never intellect taking shit for indicating Woods’ joke wasn’t funny for the reason that it honestly was not.