June 9, 2023

The Secret of Beating Casinos at Their Own Game

Photo by Wayne Howell

Basketball players may enjoy playing online casinos with games for various reasons, such as entertainment, stress relief, and competition. By choosing the right bonuses, you can beat the casinos at their own game: this is the secret. We explain how you can do this in detail with examples.

Most guides you can find on the Internet will tell you how advantageous casino bonuses are. This is generally correct: an offer like the Verde Casino no deposit bonus, for example, allows you to place real bets and get a chance to win real money without using your own money. But for bonuses to be beneficial, they need to be analyzed correctly: if you want to beat casinos at their own game, you have to learn how to evaluate bonus deals. Below, we talk about how you can do this.

What You Really Get with a Bonus?

First, let’s talk briefly about what you can get with casino bonuses. In general, it is possible to divide them into two categories: “bonuses that require a deposit” and “bonuses that do not require a deposit”.

  • No deposit bonuses: Deals that you can claim just by opening a new account. You win a small amount of cash balance or a small number of free spins. You can use both immediately; if you win anything with them, it’s yours.
  • Deposit bonuses: Welcome packs and reload bonuses are the most common deals in this category. Both allow you to win a cash balance or free spins, but they require you to make a deposit first. Spins can be used immediately, but to use the cash balance, it is necessary to complete the wagering conditions, which will be explained below.

There are two conclusions you should reach from this list:

  • Regardless of the type, most casino bonuses allow you to win either a cash balance or free spins.
  • You may or may not be required to make a deposit in return.

The first thing you need to do to beat the casinos at their own game is to opt for the no deposit bonuses. Because the other wants you to make a financial commitment to the casino first. You can think of it as “investing”, and it may take a long time to recover your investment. With no deposit bonuses, you don’t give anything to the casino. You need to continue your membership and start working on wagering requirements only if you win anything with your bonus.

The Importance of Wagering Requirements

We’ve explained why you should opt for no deposit bonuses, but you’re just starting to beat the casinos at their own game: to successfully complete this adventure, you must also pay attention to the wagering requirements. We can define them as the rules you must follow to withdraw your bonus (or the winnings you get from it). That’s what the terms require from you:

  • Making real wagers in games until they reach a total amount. For example, let’s say you win 75 CAD with your no deposit free spins bonus, and the wagering rate is 30x. To withdraw 75 CAD, you first need to wager a total of 2,250 CAD (75 x 30).
  • Placing these wagers on certain games only. These are usually slot games: your wagers in other games will hardly contribute to the relevant condition.
  • Not exceeding a certain maximum bet limit. You cannot place wagers more than a specific bet limit in games until the wagering requirements are complete – this limit is usually 5 CAD.
  • Not doing a withdrawal. If you withdraw money before completing the wagering requirements, your bonus will be canceled.

Our goal will be to choose bonuses that are fair and have favorable rules for the player. Only in this case can we take advantage of our bonus without paying a fortune. To this end, we must:

  • Prefer bonuses with low wagering. In the example above, our bonus was 75 CAD, and the wagering rate was 30x. If this rate was 10x, we would only have to wager 750 CAD in total (75 x 10). Therefore, this ratio needs to be as low as possible: the lower, the better.
  • Pick bonuses that allow us to play other games in addition to slots. For example, if table games contribute as much as slot machines, we can complete the wagering requirement both quicker and more enjoyable.
  • Select bonuses that do not have a maximum bet limit. If it’s not an option, make sure that the relevant limit is as high as possible so that the wagering requirement can be completed faster.
  • Opt for bonuses that don’t restrict withdrawals. You will play many games to complete the wagering requirement, and you will inevitably win some of them. To withdraw this money, choose bonuses that do not require the completion of the wagering requirement.

The aim of the casinos is to ensure that you stay as a member for as long as possible and spend as much money as possible to use or withdraw your bonus: by paying attention to all these, you can beat the casinos at their own game.