March 24, 2023

Teaching fundamentals to youngsters – Coaching Volleyball

This dilemma came up in a coaching team.

I have been requested to develop a application for an elementary university that hasn’t experienced a staff in 12 several years. I am likely to truly focus on fundamentals for a even though and I’m curious if anyone has thoughts on showing or instructing the youngsters about how important a strong basis is before going on. I’m frightened they will not fully grasp and get bored with follow.

To my intellect the previous sentence is the critical to answering the dilemma.

If boredom is something you imagine is a actual chance, you undoubtedly require to acquire a different strategy. If you are frightened the kids won’t fully grasp, once more, a transform of mentality appears to be in get.

I can just about warranty this mentor is pondering of “fundamentals” with regard to techniques. I contend that capabilities are not the authentic essential in this problem – and arguably not as basic as lots of individuals assume they are broadly. As 1 mentor famous with respect to the real fundamentals:

It’s the interactions of the players as a group, and the flow of the activity.

And likely further than that – primarily for this kind of a youthful age team – a big basic is Fun. A coach’s 1st objective has to be “keep them coming back”. If you can’t do that, absolutely nothing else issues. You can do that by structuring points the proper way.

A lot more importantly, nevertheless, find methods for them to do what you want them performing though getting pleasurable. You’re at the initially action of the LTAD progression. Retain the “teaching” limited. Get them executing a large amount, and in different methods to maintain matters refreshing and engaging.

A way to do that

Permit me present an example working with the introduction of passing.

Start off by exhibiting them how to do a forearm move. Incredibly basic. Incredibly fundamental. Then send out them out in pairs. Have just one toss and the other just bump the ball up higher more than enough that they can catch it by themselves. Convey to them something like, “Let’s see which pair can bump and capture the most is 2 minutes”. Then switch it up to the place they have to pass so their spouse can capture it.

From there you can set them in teams of 3 and have them pass the ball to the companion who didn’t toss to them. Then you can transfer to owning the toss come from in excess of the internet with a focus on on their side.

Soon after that it’s genuinely simple to progress to simple tiny video games. The most straightforward would be a 2-touch exercise exactly where it’s go to your lover, who passes it about the net. Then you can incorporate in a third contact.

All as a result of this approach you give them goals, or have contests. This retains the inspiration stage up. And, of training course, you can wander all around and assist them get issues appropriate.

Can you see the progression? It commenced with basic unique ability execution. Then it rapidly extra in a need for the player to play the ball to a teammate. That is starting up to develop the interaction stated in the quotation earlier mentioned. And with the 2-contact and 3-touch exercise routines you can go from initiating the ball predictably to a single of the partners to then mixing it up so they now have the subsequent layer of collaboration – figuring out whose ball it is.

Voila! They’re taking part in volleyball! That’s what they’re there to do, so having them there as quickly as doable only works in your favor. And it does not even have to be certainly pure volleyball. You can get them mastering the foundational features of the game by way of other variants.

The critical by all of this is to preserve providing the players new, entertaining problems. Boredom comes when the players continue to keep owning to do a thing they come to feel like they now get – no matter if you agree with them or not.