June 1, 2023

Some NCAA tournament observations – Coaching Volleyball

Next the 2022 NCAA event famous former Nebraska head coach Terry Pettit shared some views he had on factors. I desired to address some of them listed here.

Transfer the libero to a distinctive posture if you anticipate an assault to zone 6 or 1 and she is a substantially more robust digger.

Digging the ball isn’t the only consideration at play below. For positive it is a huge one particular, but you also have to consider the stage of protection, which is not basically to get digs.

Prepare the ideal side participant to set brief attack and have the setter dig the ball to the opposite as an alternative of the libero.

This is the dilemma of who requires next ball when the setter performs 1st get in touch with. Using the RS to do so is an selection, and I have surely performed that myself. Ultimately, nevertheless, there are numerous points to look at in that decision.

Run blend plays off managed digs or no cost balls. Have a designated player audible to the mix engage in: remaining in, appropriate cross and so forth.

In a large amount of circumstances setters pre-get in touch with free of charge ball plays, so there’s not truly need for an audible. All people really should by now know the prepare. An audible offense is undoubtedly an possibility, nevertheless.

BR setters on some teams are enjoying as well a lot of balls. Middle backs and liberos need to have to be much extra aggressive in taking away smooth photographs that setters are actively playing.

I agree with this 100%!

Pretty few teams, other than Kansas, experienced a soar top-spin server.

Yeah, there aren’t a lot of topspin jump servers in the women’s game these times. The move the United states workforce manufactured away from them a handful of yrs back might have experienced anything to do with it. Or coaches just didn’t see them as effective. There is unquestionably area for that choice, even though. Just require to have adequate velocity and/or placement.

Any time that you do anything that will cause the opponent to adjust or invest time in follow preparing for something various it is to your gain.