June 9, 2023

Patrick Beverley says 50% of NBA players don’t love basketball

Photo: Chicago Bulls/Twitter

Patrick Beverley recently made an interesting comment, saying that at least half of NBA players don’t love basketball. The point guard was asked to expand on his comment.

“50% and I was, like, being nice,” Beverley said on his podcast. He was then asked by the co-host Rone how can one tell that a player doesn’t love basketball.

“Preparation… anything…”, Pat Bev said. “You like the girl? You think you like the girl? What would you do for her? You send her roses. That’s for being prepared. You buy her nice things. That’s for part of preparation. You go wash her car. She might not even have a car. You wash your sh*t though when you go pick her up. That’s for preparation.

“You call at the restaurant are ready ‘What you want to eat?’ That’s part of preparation. You got to go to the bank. That’s preparation. You do all these things before you pick the girl at seven o’clock.

“Now can you have all that energy and put it in basketball? Is that watching film, extra shots, is it free-throws, working on all fan sh*t, is it working on shots that you might not even use, is to have something in your back pocket?

“Preparation. How prepared are you? Do you know the coach’s philosophy? Do you know what the coaches want from you? It might be different from what you want from you.”

Beverley also said that usually those players that don’t love basketball are the most skilled ones. He thinks that it is because things come easy for them due to their talent.