March 24, 2023

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The Paris 2024 Organising Committee has discovered the styles of the official pictograms and the visual thought of the Paralympic and Olympic Games on Wednesday, 8 February.

The 23 Paralympic disciplines are represented by 15 Paralympic-only pictograms and eight pictograms that are shared with Olympic disciplines.

An illustration of model

Each individual Paris 2024 pictograms is made up of a few graphical elements: an axis of symmetry, a depiction of the floor and a representation of the activity that it illustrates.

The pictograms designed for Paralympic sports activities also pay out tribute to the machines employed by athletes, like wheelchairs utilized in sporting activities these types of as wheelchair fencing and wheelchair rugby, and the tappers made use of for eyesight impaired athletes in Para swimming.

A universal language and a badge of honour

Pictograms are symbols representing each individual Paralympic and Olympic self-control. They allow individuals to immediately identify a activity, no matter whether they seem on a ticket, on television or close to a stadium, and they are especially practical for directing spectators to levels of competition venues.

About the years, pictograms have develop into a critical aspect of the glimpse of the Video games and a unique variety of expression for the host international locations, embodying their design and lifestyle, as properly as the spirit of the Online games that they are web hosting.

Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024 said: “During the Video games, pictograms make it possible for folks from additional than 200 nationalities to obtain their way into the heart of a place whose language or codes are usually mysterious for them.

“At Paris 2024, the 62 pictograms of the Olympic and Paralympic disciplines will no extended be pictograms, but true badges of honour. With these badges of honour, we will celebrate the pretty distinctive bonds that unite enthusiasts and sports’ local community associates.”

Source: International Paralympic Committee