June 1, 2023

Non-volleyball consequences – Coaching Volleyball

Just one of the questions that will come up all the time in coaching is how to deal with non-volleyball infractions. Which is items like:

  • Remaining late for an function (meeting, apply, and many others.)
  • Not receiving paperwork in on time
  • Forgetting a thing
  • Off-court behavioral troubles

In other text, they are problems of an personal character that are not about what transpires in apply or matches.

I feel we all frequently concur that there ought to be effects for failure to satisfy one’s obligation as a member of the crew, a college student-athlete, and so on. The issue is how you do that with out punishing the staff. Also without the need of placing 1 adverse on major of yet another.

Now, some factors have computerized repercussions. You don’t get your medical paperwork in, you don’t get cleared to participate, so you just cannot observe. What I want to speak about here is the stuff that doesn’t have these type of designed-in repercussions.

The common reaction coaches have had is to use actual physical punishment (e.g. sprints) and/or elimination from volleyball activities (e.g. sitting the bench). Actual physical punishment is a remarkably suspect decision, while. In what other realm does just one have to operate a set of line touches for not doing what you’re supposed to do? And benching somebody, or sitting them out of apply, can be a punishment for every person else.

My strategy

The option I formulated a while again was to glimpse at matters in phrases of building it up to the application. In other text, putting again in what you just take out, and then some. Hunting at it from a college crew perspective, this is the approach.

  1. If the impression of the infraction is completely inside of the group alone (e.g. late for a meeting), the player has to do one thing for the team to make it up. That could be pumping up the balls, placing up the court, or performing some variety of admin function. In essence, it is any variety of issue that program has in need of carrying out.
  2. If the influence is in just the Athletic Office the player does anything to make it up in that context. Let us say they violated Schooling Place rules. In that circumstance, it’s possible the Coach has them do an stock.
  3. If the influence is outside of Athletics, get the Dean of College students, principal, or a person of that level to occur up with a type of university service undertaking.

Fundamentally, assume of it as like the group support punishments persons get from a decide. Very same notion.

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