March 24, 2023

Kyrie Irving: “I have goals that I would love to accomplish”

Photo: Dallas Mavericks/Twitter

The Dallas Mavericks star guard Kyrie Irving says he needs to “show up to the party” more when asked how he’s handling the pressures of being the focus of a big midseason trade.

“It’s the big business, baby. It’s the big business,” Irving said. “As much pressure as I put on myself, I have goals that I would love to accomplish, but all those are pushed to the side because I know I have 15 other guys on this team that are relying on me to do things that they’ve either seen me do, or they’re expecting me to do as one of the best players in the league. So sitting alongside Luka, I just have to show up to the party.

“I’ve been in situations in this league. Some have been failures, some have been successes, but over the last few years I’ve made it a goal of mine to just be stronger mentally, especially dealing with the rigors of this mentally, physically, emotionally. It’ll come. It’ll come.”