March 24, 2023

How much straight 6v6 should you do in practice?

The next question came up in a coaching group:

How considerably 6v6 should you have in the course of exercise? As in commence with serve. Successful crew gets serves. And so on. Practically nothing gives a lot more video game like reps than a 6v6 recreation itself.

Take note the clarification in that this mentor is inquiring particularly about typical sport-participate in. Get started just about every rally with with a provide. No excess balls. Ordinary rotations. All that things.

I experience rather assured in stating that for most coaches it is heading to be a really very low proportion. Even coaches who devote the broad greater part of their time performing 6v6 in observe really don’t just use basic game titles. They’ll make it a multi-ball exercise by making use of washes, next prospect, or other structured perform (see tactical remedies schooling).

The motive you really don’t see a large amount of straight-up activity-perform is mainly because coaches want to work on certain points and/or at a better amount of depth (most likely to add a conditioning ingredient).

“But that’s not as sport-like,” may well be the argument.

It is genuine that normal participate in is as video game-like as it receives. But the tempo tends to be on the lower side and you just can’t preserve the focus on your teaching priorities as well for the reason that of the game’s randomness. And really, if you really do not have constraints, just after the initial get in touch with points are totally match-like.

So it’s about balancing the value of totally sport-like rally initiation with your wants for the physical exercise.

Individually, I have a tendency to use standard game titles when I want to provide the intensity down a bit in an normally demanding session. But I’ll also use them to take the constraints off the players to see in which they’ll go with items on their possess.

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