June 1, 2023

Game: Serving & Passing Tug-o-War

Synopsis: This is a aggressive serving and passing recreation that is team vs. staff alternatively than servers vs. passer.

Age/Ability Level: This is an physical exercise for all stages.

Needs: 2 teams, one courtroom, 10 cones/dots/and many others.

Execution: Identical to Giovanni’s Serving & Passing, break up the squad in fifty percent and every single group fields a group of passers, with the remainder serving. Established up the cones so that there are 5 on just about every side of the net on the aspect of the court , similarly spaced starting off from in close proximity to the net jogging toward the conclusion line equivalent to this:

The goal is for just one team to go the coach all the way to their past cone (+5) employing this scoring:

+1 serving aspect for an ace
+1 receiving facet for a perfect move (or what ever excellent pass you are right after)
+1 acquiring side for a skipped provide
+1 serving facet for an overpass

In which a +1 indicates going one cone in the course of the workforce that scored.


  • You can change the selection of passers you have on the court, and if using considerably less than you’d generally have in a video game, you can slim the location into which servers have to put the ball (e.g. only serve into Zones 1 & 6).
  • You could include out-of-process passes into the scoring as well. For example, you could make both equally Ace and Best Move +2, then have +1 to the passing staff for a 2-move and +1 to the serving staff for an out-of-procedure go.
  • Rather than the players on 1 side having turns serving, you could have a server who scored a stage serve all over again, like in a serious activity.

Supplemental Comments:

  • This recreation was shared in a Mastering Lab for the 2022 AVCA Digital Conference by Giovanni Guidetti. He reported his players love it!
  • Giovanni operates this recreation working with a series of 5 cones on every side. Every single time a staff scores, he moves 1 cone in their path.
  • You have to have not use the final result based mostly scoring highlighted higher than. You could just as conveniently use method scoring exactly where you give details centered on matters you are functioning on unrelated to consequence.

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