March 24, 2023

Former UFC star: LeBron James definitely uses performance enhancing drugs

Photo: LeBron James/IG

The fantastic longevity by LeBron James has aided him crack the all-time scoring document earlier held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The 4-time NBA champion is regarded as to be the finest basketball participant at any time by some. It is generally debated regardless of whether James of Michael Jordan is the GOAT.

According to former UFC star Chael Sonnen who has admitted to cheating by working with effectiveness improving drugs (PEDs), LeBron is also utilizing them and they absolutely make a different.

Sonnen even reported that he and James have the exact ‘drug guy’ who supplies them with the PEDs.

Through Basketball Forever:

“Other basketball gamers will listen to about what LeBron does and go, ‘That does not subject.’ If you realized what these functionality enhancers did, you’d know it does subject,” Sonnen said in a new episode of the Flagrant podcast.

“We have the exact drug guy, I know just what he’s carrying out,” Sonnen claimed. “EPO [Erythropoietin] matters, it’s the rationale LeBron can take it. It issues. EPO will increase your red blood cells, which presents you the endurance to enjoy all game long… It is the king of general performance enhancers. EPO is king to almost everything. Which is why cyclists do it.”

In his 20th calendar year in the league James is averaging 29.5 details, 8.4 rebounds and 6.9 assists in 36.1 minutes per recreation.