June 9, 2023

Enes Kanter Freedom sends ‘last warning’ to NBA

Photo: Enes FREEDOM/Twitter

Former NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom sent what he called the last warning to the league on Twitter.

The 30-year-old publicly asked the NBA to stop ‘lying to his fellow Americans.’ “If you continue to lie to my fellow Americans, I’ll start exposing every team one by one. I have enough evidence in my hand to expose not just you but each team,” Freedom tweeted.

As a proof that he is not bluffing, Freedom released a record of a conversation with an unnamed Celtics trainee who talked about how the team supposedly mistreated Isaiah Thomas and ‘cost him $100 million.’

“So what happened was, we’re playing in, like, February sometime somewhere, he gets pushed from the basket, he hurts his hip,” the trainer said. “They don’t really do anything about it. They don’t image it, they don’t do anything.

“They give him some medicine… So he played and it got worse and worse, and worse and he basically at the end of the season was limping. it was so bad. His sister got in this terrible car accident, died. And then he played the rest of the playoffs…

“They put him on so much medicine. I’ve never seen anybody in any sport that I’ve been in, including football right now, having been in that much pain and try to play. Finally we won against the Wizards in the playoff series.

“We were playing the Cavs next which was when LeBron was on the Cavs. He literally couldn’t walk… He definitely missed on his big contract He traded him that summer for Kyrie and he lost probably like a $100 million.”

Freedom launched a poll for the users of Twitter to decide who he should expose next. The options are:
Kemba Walker / Celtics
NBA / Covid
Kyrie irving / Nets
James Dolan / Knicks