March 24, 2023

Coach Edna on Weightlifting Bar Basics

Coach Edna stands with ten athletes dressed in weightlifting uniforms holding up a sign that says American Muscle Powerlifting, Long Island, Special Olympics, New York.

Mentor Edna, on the considerably suitable, with the powerlifting team she coaches.



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Mentor Edna Fletcher is familiar with about the ability of sport firsthand from her times actively playing basketball. As a black female athlete, she has also felt the sting of exclusion. For illustration, when she asked that more methods, like excess weight coaching, be additional to her basketball team’s methods, she was laughed off the courtroom.

Now, Mentor Edna is a chief in the inclusion movement applying her encounters, competencies and passions as a Specific Olympics New York (SONY) coach. Whichever activity her son Daniel participates in, Mentor Edna coaches—that’s eight sports so much! She at present coaches the American Muscle powerlifting team that is composed of 3 feminine athletes and 6 male ranging in age from 16 to 35. In some sports activities, basketball and powerlifting, she has continued her education to develop into a referee or official.

As a mum or dad, mentor or lover, it all arrives back again to the athletes as rivals and persons in accordance Coach Edna.

“I dwell by this motto: There is no such factor as incapacity, relatively varying degrees of talents.”

Coach Edna Fletcher, Exclusive Olympics New York Coach

Coach Edna working with an athlete on squats.

Coach Edna working with an athlete on squats.

For Coach Edna, that indicates starting with the fundamental principles. As a SONY powerlifting coach, she assists each new group member understand how to technique the bar. For the grip, she has them exercise placing the bar in the middle of their palms in advance of greedy it restricted. “The bar is central to the three powerlifting disciplines I coach: the squat, deadlift and bench push.” She feels that employing the 45-pound bar with no added weights is a wonderful way to build technique and strength.

For the standing lifts like squats and deadlifts, she coaches athletes to stand with their legs shoulder-width apart. “This offers them a strong foundation for harmony.” But for bench presses, she has them tuck their feet below the bench a little bit for the reason that “the intuition is to push up by way of your toes even if you are laying down. That’s a great detail.” Elbow and extension angles are also crucial.

Mentor Edna suggests there is yet another ability that has very little to do with muscular tissues. “Listening to and following the judges’ instructions will take practice. It is vital because the Head Judge has a frontal check out of the athlete and makes certain that the correct weights have been loaded onto the bar effectively. Then they give the command to carry.”

Mentor Edna suggests everyone fascinated in turning out to be a Unique Olympics coach need to know that the athletes are keen to understand. “Meet them where by they are and make absolutely sure they leave with a smile.” Robyn Armando, Vice President Marketing and advertising & Group Engagement, suggests Mentor Edna’s method is substantially appreciated. “She is a staple in the SONY corporation. She employs difficult enjoy, but she adores each a person of her athletes and has the biggest heart.”

*Statistics from the Particular Olympics 2021 World Attain Report

Develop into A Mentor

Coaches train the expertise, mind-set, values and spirit that outline a correct athlete. They are purpose types and character-builders equally on and off the area of enjoy. Exclusive Olympics coaches go even further—they aid athletes with intellectual disabilities to learn their have strengths and talents. They persuade them and problem them to build on these strengths and improve every working day.