June 7, 2023

Billy Donovan: “Those little things, those detail things, we’ve gotta have much better awareness on that”

Photo: Rocky Widner/Getty Images

Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan said that his group needs to get better at doing the little things after their 110-101 road loss vs. the Sacramento Kings on Sunday.

(via Jump View):

“Some of these games where you’re looking at our record in these close games, in a lot of reality, we’re coming down from like 19 and 20 points. And it’s hard playing like that. I think a couple things. One is I think we’ve got to do a better job of making decisions against closeouts. And I think a lot of that would impact the three-point line. I just think there’s times where guys are catching the ball and we can shoot it, it would help us get more threes up. I think for us at times, it’s been different stuff. I thought our 1st unit got off to a pretty good start. Came in with that 2nd unit, we turned the ball over too much. There was a couple careless ones, two or three in a row. 

“Then you’re playing from behind from a double digit lead. I think it was 15 points at the half, and obviously we kinda came out good, got it to 10 pretty quickly. Then we’re chipping away and get it to 1. But it’s hard to overcome 15, 18 point leads. The attention to detail, the consistency part, the little things, those things become critically important. The Golden State game, it’s a 3 point game with a minute and 8 seconds to go, they go on an 8-0 run. We didn’t free throw block out one time, they get the ball back, Klay [Thompson] makes a three. Those little things, those detail things, we’ve gotta have much better awareness on that.”